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Future of Fish

The Mission

We put an end to overfishing by helping entrepreneurs reinvent the seafood industry.

  • Supports 18 seafood entrepreneurs in hopes that their positive actions will help create a sustainable fish marketplace.
  • For 4 years they have worked with the seafood supply chain on behalf of more sustainably managed oceans
  • Assists entrepreneurs as they launch and scale their sustainable fishing ideas through strategic planning, team recruitment and access to capital
  • 10 States are represented by Future of Fish cohort members
Quick Facts
A vote for Future of Fish will help raise investment capital for entrepreneurs that are creating innovative solutions to overfishing.
– The CharitySub Team

Future of Fish works directly with entrepreneurs in the seafood industry that are working on a myriad of ways to stop overfishing. Currently they have 18 entrepreneurs in their cohort. The causes they endorse range from a celebrity chef that talks to consumers about eating more mindfully, to others that work directly with fishermen to ensure that

they make a decent wage so they don’t overfish, to working directly with the fish processors themselves to ensure they don’t mislabel fish - which is a major problem in creating readily available sustainable fish. By supporting these entrepreneurs, Future of Fish is able invest in building businesses that become free-standing engines for change.

Future of Fish

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Let’s support sustainable seafood together.

Future of Fish

Reinventing the Seafood Industry
Future of Fish

Future of Fish helps build businesses to make them free-standing engines of change. With development of inventory tracing technology, they reduce the problems of overfishing and mislabeled fish, and are supporting businesses that drive positive values.


Connecting Fisherman & Lawmakers

The Marine Fish Conservation Network (MFCN) is an alliance of recreational anglers, commercial fishermen and environmentalists. They connect fishermen to policy and law makers so they can create innovative solutions together.


Ocean Conservation Communication

Seaweb brings industry leaders together to find solutions around overfishing and sustainable seafood. They combine a unique collaborative approach with strategic communications and sound science to catalyze positive ocean change. Their efforts affect policy, research, and culture.