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Over 1.5 million children are orphaned or have been rejected by their parents and left on the streets. They are powerless, invisible. [1]


Every 22 seconds, another child becomes an orphan[2]. Most of these kids live in the developing world, far from our view. They are voiceless, isolated and unsafe. They live in extreme poverty, on less than $1 per day, if you can imagine. They face starvation, violence, illiteracy and many will die from preventable diseases. Without intervention, most are fated to continue the cycle of poverty that left them orphaned to begin with. This is the orphan crisis.

An orphan is a child that has lost one or both of their parents[2]. Regardless of their situation or location, these kids grow up extremely disadvantaged. This month, our CharitySub partners do amazing things to bolster these youths. They work directly with orphans, orphanages, and policy makers to provide much needed support. Through them, your $5 CharitySub donation can truly change the direction of an orphan’s life.

There are 153 Million Orphans in the World
94% of Orphans in Developing Countries
14 Million Kids have Lost Both Parents

This month, our CharitySub partners help orphans, making sure they are safe, healthy, educated, and loved. You can help an orphan thrive by making your CharitySub selection today.

Let’s help end the orphan crisis together.

200 Orphanages Worldwide

Supporting Orphanages
200 Orphanages Worldwide

By partnering with existing organizations serving orphans, 200 Orphanages raises money to aid in work to improve specific issues with orphanages around the world. Their work has enabled projects to improve the lives of orphans in Haiti, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Cameroon.

Pearl S. Buck International

Orphan Support & Education
Pearl S. Buck International

PSBI gives orphaned children a voice, by helping them receive the support, education, health care and love they deserve. Currently working with six orphanages throughout Asia - and with over half a century’s work they have changed the lives of 2 million children and families.

Worldwide Orphans

Holistic Orphan Care
Worldwide Orphans

With a myriad of holistic programs, tailored to the region in need, WWO helps orphans across 5 different countries. Programs range from pediatric AIDS clinic to running a school for 432 orphaned and at-risk children, WWO is changing the lives of orphans every single day.