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Adopt A Classroom .org

The Mission

AdoptAClassroom.org increases opportunity for student success by empowering teachers with community partners and funds to purchase resources for the classroom.

  • Since its inception in 1998, AdoptAClassroom.org has impacted 3,705,032 students nationally
  • 100% of money raised by AdoptAClassroom.org has gone to teacher’s classrooms in need.
Quick Facts
By voting for AdoptAClassroom.org you’re helping provide a classroom in-need with supplies like crayons, flashcards, & vocabulary books that will encourage hands-on learning.
– The CharitySub Team

The lack of proper funding for our nation’s classrooms has left teachers spending upwards of $1,000 a school year - totalling 1.3 billion annually. To address these inequalities, and to help raise teacher morale, Adopt A Classroom works to put community donors in touch with classrooms in-need. Teachers sign up, promote their classrooms needs,

and once a donor makes a donation 100% of the proceeds go to the teacher to purchase supplies through affiliated vendors. For the last 15 years Adopt A Classroom has empowered teachers with the funds they need to purchase learning resource, so they can transform their classrooms. With your vote they can do so without the out-of-pocket expense.

Adopt A Classroom .org

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Let’s support empowered educators together.

Adopt A Classroom .org

Classroom resources for Teachers in-need
Adopt A Classroom .org

AdoptAClassroom.org puts teachers with under-supplied classrooms in touch with community donors. These partnerships have not only helped to raise teacher and student morale through well-supplied classrooms, they’ve also brought back the return of hands-on learning.

Center for Inspired Teaching

Innovative teacher training
Center for Inspired Teaching

Center for Inspired Teaching creates programming for teachers, that allows them to become instigators of thought. This means teaching students not what to think, but rather how to think. The end result is a more engaging and joyful learning experience for both teacher and student.

Teaching Matters

Urban teaching support
Teaching Matters

Urban teachers are faced with learning deficits and the pressure to have students meet rigorous testing requirements. Teaching Matters works to give teachers the tools they need to support each other in lesson planning and instruction, so that students learn more and teachers feels supported.